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Celebration Chat Room

I've created a web based chat room to celebrate the fact we've reached 4,000,000 words!.  I've also posted on my blog...

--Lucifael on 05/12/2013 03:33 PM 1 Comments
Massive Word Count

You may have noticed that the word count currently sits are "3916272" personally I'm totally in awe of the support I've had over this long journey and that count covers my readers being with...

--Lucifael on 19/10/2013 07:08 PM 1 Comments
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New Horizons - Book II - Along Came the Witches by lucifael
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04/20/14 02:37 am
Happy Easter
04/18/14 05:28 am
For those of you are about to post Fanfiction, I salute you! Also, I'd enjoy reading the ePub, your fics are always entertaining. :D
04/16/14 06:46 pm
As for AG acually rewrote that again recently but didn't much like the way it came out. I'm willing to post an epub for your amusement though :)
04/16/14 06:45 pm
No idea what happened with the site, sorry, been working fine for me, as for odler works no idea yet.
04/08/14 10:49 am
What happened today I had trouble with the site
03/31/14 07:50 am
I'm still hoping for the day that Unchained is completed.
03/30/14 04:26 am
Lu, are you going to work on your older works? Like Aluria's Gift? Some of the older stories having some serious potential. New stories are great, but finishing off older ones can free up new idea
03/01/14 04:57 pm
Movements in the dark Danny as for updates Gunna try Mondays from now on
02/21/14 07:16 pm
Sorry to bother you but do you have a update time
02/13/14 06:08 am
No one knows? Wow okay I know it was a story with less then 10 chapters