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  Harry meets a woman, a woman that catches his eye and who changes his...
  There is a battle, a final battle, but no one realises it’s happened...
  Life after death turns out to be very good for Harry.  New friends...
It appears to be trendy to add a collection of random odd's and ends now a days...
Eximo [MA]
  What if?  What if Harry has been under a block since he was 18...
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Harry has a good holiday at HQ

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Welcome to Lucifael's Writing

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This site is setup to showcase my FanFiction. Please Register on the site for leaving reviews and all that juicy stuff.


These are gratefully recieved, and please use the button on the left if you would like to donate to me!

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I'm dead chuffed at the reviews I've been getting. I don't always reply, I figure you all prefer that I write rather than reply. However, please do review because I really do enjoy reading them all. There are a lot of stories on the site without reviews, I realise some of them are old but I wouldn't say no to new reviews on them :D

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Red Jacobsons's New Project

This is a wonderful new project from Red Jacobson, if you, like me, like his writing then please show your support.


--Lucifael on 22/04/2015 05:08 PM 6 Comments
Bad News

Some bad news, due to having to move house I won't be able to do the post-a-thon at all unti.l I'm in and settled. So I will reset the date and do it when that is done. It's likely I'll be offline...

--Lucifael on 27/01/2015 01:33 PM 9 Comments
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Please shout out at me, I do tend to check it on a fairly regular basis, there's not a lot of room, but you lot micro-blog right?

12/15/15 06:06 pm
You guys should check out blog.lucifael.com I've knocked up a script kinda thing that's local to me, but allows me to maintain a micro-blog. Short stuff, but longer than twitter.
12/09/15 12:54 pm
Sorry about 14 guys - it shoulkd now be fixed, at least it is to me. Also got rid of one of the spam reviews. Why people spam me, I don't know, I'm a tiny site.
11/03/15 11:16 pm
I am sure that I read chapter 14 of "Mars Rising " but now the chapter page appears as nothing more than a place holder. In the Imortal words of prof Julius Sumner Miller "Why is this s
10/15/15 04:43 am
Okay thank you
10/14/15 06:29 am
What happened to the last chapter of Mars Rising?
10/12/15 04:35 pm
I'm fine with someone adopting it. But you'll have to do the foot work ;)
10/01/15 09:14 am
Is there any way you could get someone to adopt mad galaxy. I know you said you were done but I just can't stop checking it.
09/03/15 06:43 am
Great, hope you start releasing it soon
09/03/15 05:41 am
Great, hope you start releasing it soon
09/02/15 03:57 pm
Harry Potter and Xander (Buffy) et al, with a fair few crossovers included.

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